The Chase Continues

The bolt in his side sent Nicolai reeling, but he had a feeling that this was a warning. He stopped to briefly stem the bleeding, and hoped that he wouldn’t lose these crossbow men in the crowd.

Four of them, now. Well, the companions really only needed one to lead them onward. Drawing a dagger into her hand, she murmurred to the three around her, “Keep the chase going. Don’t stop to give fight if any fall behind…” Of course, if they all kept running, that’d just make them easier to follow. “They’ll lead us to their hole, and then we’ll destroy them.” Breathing hard, she sprinted onward and raced past Nicolai.

Feldard wasn’t all that sure of the Elf’s reasoning but there really wasn’t time to debate the issue while still chasing the four. He didn’t slow up or stopping as he came apon Nicolai, figuring the Cleric would see to the rogue. He thundered on after the crossbow men.

Maruc rounded the corner after the dwarf and saw the thief couching a wound. Panting the cleric asked, “Lets look at that, hmm you’ll live for the moment. Try not to catch any more though. I off to make sure the dwarf doesn’t become a pincushion.” Maruc grinned. “Stay safe!” he pounded down the street after the others.

Miklos took a view from the end of the street as he spying the retreating backs of the crossbowmen. He was on the heels of the charging dwarf and thought that the only way to catch these guys would be a ranged attack, that meant magic. He needed to keep them in sight, and range long enough to get the spell off. He had no time to play it safe if he was going to catch them so he launched into a dead sprint to the corner they had dissappeared around. Caution not entirely leaving him he glanced briefly around it to make sure he wouldn’t end up like Nicolai.

They rounded another corner. The new street was lined with booths. As the last fleeing bowman passed by one of the tents, he grabbed one of the poles, pulling the fabric down. The booth collapsed in a billowing heap that temporarily blocked the path.

An angry vendor emerged from the folds of tentcloth, screaming curses. “By Halav’s Beard, who has ruined my tent?!”



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5 responses to “The Chase Continues

  1. The Chase:
    Saeth: 10xp+10xp +10xp DM choice
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp

    Saeth: 1415/4000
    Maruc: 1355/1500
    Miklos: 1325/2500
    Nicolai: 1255/2400 [lost 3hp – has 5/8hp now]
    Feldard: 1235/2200

  2. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    The dwarfs own curses joined that of the vendors as he came apon the blocked path. He was tempted to just hack his way through but knew that by the time he did so the villians would be long gone anyways. “Thrice cursed, worthless, piles of troll-dung ..” He grumbled as he halted his chase. “Arggh, by Thunder we’ve been led a merry chase – no doubt, Akarios is being warned we are seeking him at this very moment.”

  3. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth leapt, attempting to clear the falling folds of cloth, intent on continuing the chase. They were so close, and surely couldn’t get too far through the marketplace–four hooded, armed men would create quite a commotion bulling their way down the street. Let the dwarf placate the shopkeeper, if he couldn’t handle this little jog.

    Saeth doesn’t notice the shopkeeper’s choice of profanity, but Maruc might…

  4. Maruc

    Passing the shopkeep at speed Maruc called, “Take not Halav’s name in vain for he shall hear you….”

    Maruc bounded over the fallen tent wishing that he armour would get lighter, he knew he couldn’t keep this up for ever.

  5. Miklos (Mu1)

    “Curses! These men run as if the very spawn of Hades where afer them! Perhaps they are.” Miklos guessed by their action to pull the tent down was an intention to escape rather than fight. He thought that if they where ther to kill them they would not have fled, or maybe they didn’t expect such robust resistance.

    This was a warning more than anything else, they had sprung the trap with bravery so then next warning will be more dangerous. Still it was also encouraging they were getting upset with us and upset people make rash decisions. He knew they where close to the truth of the matter, otherwise why waste men on stopping us?

    Miklos sped on, lengthening his stride to catch up with Saeth. They can’t stay ahead of an elf for long.

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