An Arrow Flash


At last, someone with red hair, thought Nicolai. Hopefully linked to the Vorloi’s murder.

Feldard tried hard to keep from smirking at hearing that Akarios was a red haired. After getting directions to the Inn from the Harbour Master, he nods to the man. “I’ll pass on the message.”

“I suggest we make our way to this Salty Sea Dog, and look for this Akarios,” said Nicolai.

Maruc agreed and headed for the pub with the others falling in line.

The elf shivered slightly, wondering if Akarios was one of the pairs of eyes she could feel watching her. Still, enough incidents with the Veils, and eventually one of them would let slip a clue. The thought that she mightn’t survive too many more incidents never crossed her mind.

Making their way towards the Salty Sea Dog, they once again noticed the level of unrest growing in the streets. Guardsmen were running toward the market area. Apparently, they were trying to prevent a new riot from breaking out. Just to be safe, the group began to loosen the binding on their weapons.

The sounds of shouting and screaming faded, the scene of pandemonium behind. The streets became deserted of all sensible people.

Suddenly a crossbow bolt flashed past. A hooded man was standing on a side street and was furiously cranking his crossbow for another shot.



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5 responses to “An Arrow Flash

  1. Nicolai runs at the man to try and disarm him. If he manages to raise the weapon, Nicolai starts zig-zagging but still heads towards him. If required, Nicolai will use his sword.

  2. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth went straight for her daggers. She let them fly toward his crossbow hand–as satisfying as killing the assailant might be, wounding him would be far better. Drive him to flight, and he would lead them to his hideaway.

  3. Maruc

    Maruc ducked for cover, noting the two more lightly armoured party members were reacting with aclarity raised his shield in the direction to the bolt shot (or as near as he could tell) he sped his way after Nicolai.

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos fell in behind the accelerating Feldard who’s axe had suddenly materialised in his hand with a speed that would beggar Milfs Marvelous Materialisation. Dispite the dwarf’s short legs Miklos was hard put to keep up with him as they headed toward the bowman.

  5. Searching for Akarios:
    Saeth: 10xp+10xp
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp DM choice
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp

    Saeth: 1350/4000
    Maruc: 1305/1500
    Miklos: 1275/2500
    Nicolai: 1175/1200
    Feldard: 1195/2200

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