A New Name

“There is a good chance that he is as innocent as he says he is. It would be appropriate to use a terrified shop keeper to act as a safe meeting point, and then steal his wares as well. Many may work on the docks, but I don’t think we’ll find much more there than we already have. Any that we do speak to will deny all knowledge out of fear for their own lives. I think it is time to go to the heart of the matter, and approach Zweis Radu directly.”

At the wine merchants nervous look, Feldard glanced about the market, hoping to spot someone watching them a bit too much. He looked back to the merchant. “Many people work on the docks. Know you a name or two we can start with?”

“I do catch bits and pieces of their conversations from time to time. There do seem to be two names on their lips of late. One is Skevlos, and the other, Akarios.”

“Thay have not tried to recruit you then Master Aristo? They seem to wish to claw all folk within their society and you would be ideal surely? Who better than a well respected wine merchant who delivers wines to the Lords and Ladies of the city? How easy it would be to poison the wines you deliver?” Maruc still wasn’t happy that this man was that involved, either that or he was supremely confident. “I don’t know though, I haven’t heard tell of poisonings, although I am not aware of how Lord Christoph died. We are honourable people and all of the Veiled we have cornered so far have fled, slain themselves or fought to death. So by this reasoning you are either amongst the inner circle of the ‘Veiled or you are as you say, an innocent victim.”

Miklos was stunned, Maruc was performing reasoned and logical dedution through reduction, perhaps there was hope for him after all, none of the airy fairy ‘feeling’ of the answer! “If Maruc is right in your innocence you are in great danger, your assumption that us being here will be your death warrant if they find out is probably true. Might I suggest you shutting up your shop for a few days ostensibly to ‘go on holiday’ until these event pass over? You may lose money but its better that losing your life. If you have a retainer you can trust you might be able to keep the shop open.”

Miklos’s mind was racing. “Even better, this is a place favoured by the ‘Veiled? They are known to congregate here so this is perfect for a trap. Or perhaps a lead into the society, we may overhear discussions in the shop or pick up their trails here and follow them to the hideouts.” Miklos turned to Nicolai.

“Talking of hideouts I think investigating the hovel at the riot sight. They may have used that more than once.”

Aristo looked around, more nervous than ever. He greatly feared being seen with these people who dared to oppose the Veiled Society. Every second he stood here with them increased the risk of being seen by one of the Society’s agents. “I want no part of this foolishness. The only thing that can come of opposing the Veiled is death. I have a family to think about! Leave me alone, or I’ll tell the guard you are harassing me!” And with that, he ran back towards his marketspot.



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5 responses to “A New Name

  1. Aristo, continued:
    Maruc: 10xp+10xp
    Miklos: 10xp+5xp
    Nicolai: 10xp+5xp
    Feldard: 10xp+10xp +10xp DM choice

    Saeth: 1330/4000
    Maruc: 1275/1500
    Miklos: 1245/2500
    Nicolai: 1135/1200
    Feldard: 1145/2200

  2. Miklos (Mu 1)

    “Time to pay a visit to Akarios then. At the docks you say? Good fortune master Aristo.” Miklos turned on his heel. “Lets go then. its our best lead before we tackle Zweis.”

    Miklos lead the way to the docks.

  3. Maruc

    Maruc opened and closed his mouth, shrugged his shoulders and followed the the young Mages wake.
    “No time like the present then.”

  4. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Feldard grumbled slightly – he still hadn’t gotten the wine he wanted. But he too follows along.

    Once at the docks, he will seek out the Harbour Master.
    “Good day, Harbour Master. I was wondering if you could help me? Would Akarios be working today? I’ve been charged with passing on an important message to him” True enough, the dwarf certainly had a message to pass onto the man. “I was told he works here at the docks. Would you be able to point him out to me?”

  5. Nicolai stands behind Feldard and scans the area for potential trouble.

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