Safe at the Senator’s Manorhouse


Feldard laughed as the leader renewed the fight. “Seems I will get to take ye apart limb from limb after all! Though for what ye did to my companion, I’ll be making it a slow and painful process” and with a wild yell he went for a low hit at the knees.

The man was obviously a seasoned fighter to have withstood the number of blows he already bore so Feldard while sounding cocky was careful to keep up his defenses. He had no time to worry about now about Nicolai or if Miklos and Simion were headed back into a trap, his attention remained focused solely on his attacker and how best to bring the man down with or without killing him–either suited his purpose at the moment.

Skevlos fought with the viciousness of a cornered rat. His sword stabbed past the dwarf‘s guard, but the demihuman kept fighting. Damn these dwarves and their fortitude. Maruc looked gravely at the fallen Nicolai, he had managed to stop the bleeding, but it would take some time for the man to regain total consciousness.

As Nicolai faded in and out of consciousness, he thought “Why did I have to go and get killed? Not sure if this going straight was such a good idea after all.”

Maruc himself was very weak and would be of no use to anyone of he collapsed himself. Maruc began to tend to himself as the clashes of combat rang through the streets again. The Dwarf was launching a blistering series of attacks at the cornered Chieftain. They were both wounded but the large human looked like more than a match of the dwarf. He glanced around to see what Saeth was doing.

She seemed to have her attention on something else… something was missing. It took Maruc several, secounds to realise the young mage and Simion was gone. But now was no time to go serching for them. “Seath! Feldard needs aid, I cannot help him!”

Saeth couldn’t help but feel a twinge of satisfaction that the dwarf didn’t seem as invincible as he had a moment before. Quashing it as best she could, she dropped one hand from her blade and launched her throwing daggers at the Veils’ champion, narrowly clearing the kneeling Maruc’s head.

Skevlos did not see the daggers coming, the first landed deep in his side. Ducking away from the other, he brought his head down into the dwarf’s mighty battle axe, which split his head open like a piece of fruit. And that was the end of Skevlos.

Sheathing her daggers, Saeth glanced up the street. Which way had Miklos gone?

* * * * *

Miklos proceeded to the sentors house with Simion still in tow, assuming the ‘veiled were still in hot pursuit. Miklos knew they were almost there when the attack happened, so with the additional twistings and turnings he had a fairly good idea that it was pointless to stop and read his spell book.

At last, Miklos and Simion Torenescu arrived at the gate of the Senator’s manorhouse. The guards quickly ushered them in.The senator was waiting for them in the foyer. “Simion! Welcome. Are you all right? You look haggard.”

Simion recounted the events of the evening. After the tale was told, he introduced the mage.

“Senator Anastio, this is Miklos. Without him and his company, I would surely be dead.”

“Well met, young man.”


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7 responses to “Safe at the Senator’s Manorhouse

  1. Hit Point rundown:
    Feldard 1hp, Maruc 1hp, Saeth 4hp, Nicolai 0hp(stable)

    Down to the Last:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp +35xp(combat) +200xp(mission accomplished)
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp +35xp(combat) +200xp(mission accomplished)
    Miklos: 10xp +10xp +35xp(combat) +200xp(mission accomplished)
    Nicolai: 10xp +5xp +35xp(combat) +200xp(mission accomplished)
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice +35xp(combat) +200xp(mission accomplished)

    Saeth: 1210/4000
    Maruc: 1085/1500
    Miklos: 1040/2500
    Nicolai: 1015/1200
    Feldard: 1000/2200

  2. Saeth Tegau

    A great sigh escaped from Saeth. Skevlos had certainly accomplished one thing by fighting on–Simion and Miklos were well out of earshot, easy prey for anyone who would come upon them. Perhaps they could be followed, but it would be slow business, not an easy task like it could’ve been a minute before.

    Cleaning her blade, she knelt, checking the scattered bodies for clues–none looked like they’d have much in the way of valuables–some hint of their origin or motive.

    “How do you suppose this all fits together?” She hoped her companions, despite lost blood, could still focus on her words. “I mean, on one side, we have the Veils who we happened upon by chance not so long ago, and on the other the sculduggery of our employer and his erstwhile visitor… Any ideas on what each of them is after, and why?”
    She glanced up. “But neither of you look so well, nor our new friend there. Shall we get you back to the inn for a rest, and then I’ll see if I can find Miklos?”

    OOC: As a player, I’d just as soon have you guys along when we find him and (presumably) meet the Senator, despite your injuries.

    Speaking of the Senator, though Saeth doesn’t mention it, sparks another question. What role do they play in the city’s institutions? Is the Duke merely first among equals?

  3. The duke rules all of Karameikos. Senators help govern the city. Think of them like aldermen.

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos felt quite exhausted, but no so exhausted to forget his manners.

    “Good evening my Lord Senator Anastio. Well met indeed.” Still catching his breath. “Forgive me, but I realise you are very busy folk and Lord Torenescu has had a trying time but could I speak with some urgency to you both? Would you be so kind as to send some men to aid my freinds? When we left at speed they were sorely pressed by robed assailants.”

    Miklos detailed the route to the butler for him to organise the help.

    Miklos gave his cloak to the doorman and followed the others through to the drawingroom. as they settled down after ordering a hot beverage Miklos turn to the Lords.

    “I thank you for giving ear to me. My companions, who were escorting Lord Simion are in the employ of an Artisan Theosius. Whilst aiding a concerned lady we discovered an extensive tunnel network being excavated by the robed individuals I spoke of earlier. We overheard them refering to themselves as members of the Veil Society. We free’d three enslaved miners and overcame several VS members. We turned the surviors over to the judiciary, told them all we knew and left them to investigate further.” Miklos sipped his drink.

    “We were quite happy to leave the investigation to the authorities and thought our part in these intrigues were over until the point where Lord Simion was ambushed.”

    “This leaves myself and my companions in an awkward position. Namely that the Veiled Society are now well aware of us, and we are known to oppose them. We do not know who to call freind and who to call foe as the Veiled conceal their faces. All I can say at this point is that you have treated me fairly and you are targets of the ‘Veiled so I assume that we are comrades, of a sort.”

    Miklos wallowed the warmth of the roaring fire and the hot drink. It started to make him feel drowsy. He turned back to the two nobles. “There is much more to this tale, but I would know more of who we face and what you know of their agenda. Possible to decide to leave the city if they are too powerful, I would hate to think that I have brought my fathers buisness into danger by my actions.”

    “By way of introduction I am Miklos Dosetvar and I am a student of Master Acrision.” Miklos bowed.

  5. Maruc

    “Good throw Saeth and well finished Master Feldard. You look a little pale my swarthy friend. Let me see that knife wound.” Miklos examined the dwarf and bound his wounds.

    “Bed rest for all of us I think – But first we need to locate Miklos, He said he was going back to the Jade Sea, which probably means its a deception knowing the way his mind works. Seath can you tell where they went?”

  6. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    The dwarf grumbled and waved off the priests concern over his wounds. “I’ve nicked myself worse trimming my beard! An ale and a nights rest and all will be fine” he boasted though in truth it was hard to keep his eyes focused.
    He wiped the blood and such from his axe blade.
    “How long til the local authorities show do you think? I’m not looking forward explaining this to the Tribune.”
    Feldard glanced to the body of the leader at his feet and bent down to begin searching over his body for .. what he was looking for he wasn’t sure but surely there must be more clues to their purpose or orders regarding Simion on the leader. Or an indication of who the man was. Though the butchers description of Skevlos surely matched that of this fallen opponent.

  7. Saeth Tegau

    Knowing what she did of dwarves, she imagined Feldard had indeed cut himself worse trimming his beard. But ale and bed… good medicine, even for an elf.

    “Well, if you two are well enough, finding that boy before he gets himself into too much trouble could be a good thing.” Then as an afterthought, pointing towards the thief, “and if he’s well enough, I suppose. Are you two up to carrying him?”

    She strode northward, scanning the ground, hoping to see some trace of the two fugitives. “Boots for the statesmen, and sandals on our compatriot, if I recall?”

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