Battle of Vinter’s Lane


Well, so much for cutting themselves out to the south, thought Saeth. Nonetheless, Saeth changed directions twice in quick succession, reaching up one arm to shove Simion into the sheltered corner formed between herself and the line of allies facing northward, then back towards her foes, determined at least to hold them off until the dwarf could finish things up on his front and turn his axe to this final group. Not knowing Miklos was out of spells, she hoped the youth could keep going with his sorceries—he seemed as effective as the rest of the bodyguard combined.

Miklos pulled Simion with him pulled his dagger out, and prepared to defend himself and Simion as best he could against any assailants. He knew he had no time to read spells directly from his book. If only he could hold more than one spell in his head! With their backs against the wall of a closed storefront, the mage and the statesman were protected from being attacked from the rear. Miklos hoped his friends would be able to hold off the assault.


The two Veiled men continued fighting one another in the alleyway near Feldard and Maruc. It was a classic battle of speed versus muscle. The quicker one had landed the first blow with a surprise backstab, but the larger man’s armor prevented the strike from being fatal.

Maruc turned his attention to the attacker on his right. He could make out two of the Veiled were fighting each other. So there was a mole amongst the VS! Yes Halav was guiding them wisely. All he needed to do now was survive long enough to find out why. He sidestepped another blow and sent a flailing riposte at the man on his right. He risked a glance around to see what was happening behind him. Good. Saeth and Miklos were looking after the Torenescu. Feldard looked firece and Maruc was glad to have the stout Dwarf beside him. Thrusting his shield to block a thrust from the man to his left, he failed to duck under a wild blow that ripped into him from the right. Argh! The battle was far from over.

Feldard grimaced, as he too felt metal dig deep into his side. Adrenalin suppressed the pain and the dwarf’s battle axe chunked hard into the torso of one of his opponents. The other, seeing he was outmatched by the brawny dwarf, fled away down the street.

Feldard looked around to find a new foe, and was shocked to see one of the hooded men remove his mask. It was Nicolai! He was the one who was battling the Veiled leader! Nicolai, with his hood removed, quickly slashed again into the man he had learned was Skevlos, the missing renter of the butcher Turano’s guest house. This Skevlos was proving to be a formidable opponent. Though Nicolai had landed two solid blows with his short sword, the man fought on!

Meanwhile, across the other side of the battle, another beggar was felled. Their numbers reduced by half, the vagabonds decided to run. This cleared the way for two of the Veiled to break through the ranks and attack Simion directly. Only Miklos and his dagger stood in the way.

Saeth, closest to the men couldn’t help for she had two opponents of her own. As she deftly dodged her opponents’ attacks, her sword arced through the air at one of them. His neck sliced apart, the man went down in a heap. She prayed to Immortal Ilsundal that Miklos and Simion would be able to defend themselves for a few moments more.

[Feldard has 3 hp left, Maruc 1 hp (!), Saeth 4 hp – there are 7 remaining men, 3 of whom are wounded]



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5 responses to “Battle of Vinter’s Lane

  1. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Noting Simion and Miklos facing attack directly from two of the Veiled Feldard screamed out his most fiercest battle cry yet “With your shield or on it!” And charged the two Veiled men, ducking between Simion and Miklos. Feldard to date, had never experienced battle frenzy.. but there was always a first time… this might be that time.

  2. Saeth Tegau

    The elf continued her feinting dance, even as her muscles grew sore and her breath turned to a pant. How much longer could she delay these assailants?

    Even as the battle went on, the back of her mind nagged at her. How had these hooded villians found them? Who would have known that Simion was visiting, or where he would go upon his arrival to the city? Was this directly connected to their encounters in the tunnels this morn, or was it just happenstance that the Veiled Society found itself involved in both?

    The animated battle-map was a pretty cool addition to the last post, in my opinion.

  3. Miklos (Mu 1)

    As the two ‘Veiled charged toward him Miklos held out hisdagger in what he hoped was a threatening manner. He glanced about in the hope of spotting an escape route they had only one real advantage – flight with no armour they could easily outpace any armoured attacker. Miklos realised that his friends would be in little danger if Simion was not there. If he could put enough distance between them he could fell and pursuers by reading straight from his spell book. Miklos guessed that there wouldn’t likely to be and further contingence of the ‘Veiled to intercept them. They had commited too sizable a force here.

    DM: If there is an opportunity to escape without being attacked

    It was fortunate that both Saeth and Nicolai where good at following people so he guessed that they could cope with a small deception to delay any chase.

    Assuming that both Simion and Miklos know the city and the direction to the senators house well enough to chose alternative routes Miklos will attempt to lead Simion to the senators house by sprinting there.

    “Back to the Jade Sea my lord I think!” Called Miklos and pulled the surprised man with him and started sprinting. Miklos chose the nearest safe exit in between the fighting darted as fast as he could whilest keeping the man with him on a roundabout route to the Senators house.

    DM: If there is no opportunity to escape without being attacked

    Miklos perpared to hold these men a bay as long as possible when the sturdy half crazed dwarf launched himself between them! Glancing about there was no chance to flee, and Maruc had been badly hurt. No options left he hoped the Dwarf could hold off these two long enough from him to read his spell.

    Miklos fished his book out and swiftly located the spell. He tried to shut out the fighting noise around him and concentrate on cramming the magic into his weiry head….

  4. Maruc

    Maruc grunted as the pain subsided, there wasn’t much time left to him now. He just hoped his sacrifice would further the cause of Halav. He fended off two convicing swings that would have easily finished him off there and then. He felt cold and the rush of battle seemed to dim, he tried to shake off the malaise and clear his vision. He wanted to give his freinds as much chance as possible, and at least sell himself as a proper Cleric of Halav.

    Seeing victory in the eyes of the ‘Veiled in front of him Maruc hardened his gaze. “Halavists never give up my souless friend.” With the last of his failing strength he launched himself at the surprised man.

  5. Ambush!:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +5xp +10xp DM choice

    Saeth: 920/4000
    Maruc: 785/1500
    Miklos: 740/2500
    Nicolai: 765/1200
    Feldard: 700/2200

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