Saeth edged back, hoping to get to a sidestreet, or at least to get her back against a wall. This would not be good, to be caught in a second crisis in a single day. Instinctively, the swordswoman’s hand flew to the hilt of her blade, but Saeth checked herself before she drew. Her eyes flashed one way, then the other. “Can we use the scuffle to get inside?” She assumed it would be clear where she meant. Even so, her eyes sought other exits–an alleyway without horsemen, or a door that the companions could reach nearby, but she could find no means of escape.

Alas, squadrons of these horsemen blocked the major exits to the pavilion, with the five adventurers trapped inside with the crowd.

Feldard looked on in stunned silence as the rider fell. Due to the height of people around him, he couldn’t see where the rock had came from, but he assumed from somewhere in the midst of the crowd. Between an angry mob and 30 armed horsemen. This was not a good situation to be in. He glanced about for a place to gain some height advantage. Being trampled by horses or a mob was not on his agenda today. He called out to his companions. “We need to get out of this fray before we are assumed to be part of the rabble!” He hoped that once out from the middle of it, he could re-enter the skirmish at a better vantage and aid the Duke’s men in dealing with the mob.

“We have nothing to fear Feldard, calm yourself. If we flee we will be seen as implict in the affairs of the agitator.” Maruc urged, and then summoned his best orating talents honed through years at the pulpit. “CEASE THIS FIGHTING! CAST NO MORE STONES!” he called.

Though he did not get their attention he continued. “The Duke’s men are not bullies, thugs or murders. They are peacekeepers and honest law men. Treat them with resoect and they will treat you with respect! While I stand I will not allow violence to be stirred up and perpetrated in front of my very eyes! I am a member of the clergy and this will stop!”

Maruc used all his charisma to effect calm on those around him. “Just because you witness a conversation does not mean you have made up your mind concerning the contents. All men with wit know this, and so do the Dukes men. They are fair and will treat everyone fairly. Let those who have issue with the Duke petition him in the proper manor. He is just!”

If Miklos was blessed with anything it was a sharp wit and a good memory. Marking well the speaker he memorises key features of his dress face and equipment. He swiftly darts through the crowd after the orator in an atempt to follow him and see who his compariots are. He is mindfull of crowd ‘plants’ – individuals placed to agitate the crowd to violent behaviour. It was fortunated that everyone was staring at the Halavist. He hoped they wouldn’t recognise the Halav emblems and dismiss him as a madman. But he was probably used to subduing vast mobs with sermons.

Meanwhile, Feldard grimaced as the priest called out and made the party even more a target for angry mob. So much for getting out from between the two unnoticed. So instead he took a broad stance, in front of the Halavist and glared menacingly towards the crowd. Hand by his weapon, but not loosening it quite yet. “You heard the priest! Stand down and let the Duke’s men attend to their duties!”

Unfortunately, the angry mob paid little heed to the pleas of the cleric and the dwarf. They began to surge at the riders, who responded by drawing their swords and charging forward. As soon as they do, their line is broken, giving Saeth the opening to escape that she had been seeking.




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8 responses to “Riot

  1. Saeth Tegau

    The elf took her chance, hoping that the others would follow. She darted up a sidestreet, ducking into a doorway to catch her breath.

    But her hope was in vain. The cleric’s voice, if not his words, could be heard yelling in the crowd, and it seemed that Feldard had chosen to stand stolidly beside him. And the foolish youth had run the other way, deeper into the melee! Saeth scrambled up a pile of crates at the roadside, peering into the brawl, hoping to keep track of her allies and their enemies both.

  2. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Their words ignored, the dwarf is left with little other choice but to stand his ground between the riders and the mob and beat back any that would step in his path. Hoping that the battle trained mounts will go around him.With a dwarven battle cry, he pulls his axe and with the flat of it for the most part, he defends himself and the cleric as best as he can.

  3. Maruc

    “Witless fools!” Maruc stormed. “You’d rather die than see reason. So be it! I did my best, Halav will judge you. Come master Dwarf!” With this Maruc shoulders his way toward the edge of the crowd.

    I am assuming that the clergy have a similar level of respect attributed to them as they do in the countryside. If they do not them Maruc will probably die in the centre of a stampeed! He will do is best to move out of the main thrust of the assault taking Feldard with him unless he goes into some sort of Dwarvern battle frenzy!”

    Maruc is convinced that the dukes men are just and won’t attack people out of hand, but things can get a little confused in a riot.

    PS: As I read the previous post I got the impression that the crowd where going silent at the appearence of the Dukes men – This lead me to believe that they weren’t about to slay themselves in a suicidal charge against armed cavalry. I guessed that they were still trying to listen to the speaker rather than drawing their swords etc. Maruc could probably tell a certain amount about collective dynamics considering his profession and would not likely place himself and his friends in obivous danger.

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos finding the crowds mood turning ugly increased his pace as best he could through the flow people.

    DM let me know if Miklos loses the orator. If he doesn’t he will follow his plan as best he can in order to spot who the ringleaders are – ideally he’d like to catch a name. Either way he plans make his way back to the the Toothless Gargoyle as he said the Saeth.

  5. Is there anyway Nicolai can use this diversion to have a look round the Torenescu Estate?

    Once the group are safely together again
    “That speaker was Traladaran. And that, I think, means one faction against the other. So, that would mean the Radu against the Torenescu? This is still only circumstancial, but it points more convincingly to a set up. If we are to continue with this, we need to have a look see at Zweis’s house.”

  6. The Torenescu estate is not in the immediate vicinity, so no. It’s a few blocks away from the fracas.

    What’s Nicolai doing right now? Trying to get to safety with Saeth, sticking with Feldard/Maruc, following the orator with Miklos, or something else?

  7. Nicolai will go after the speaker. He will keep an eye on Miklos and stay close by, but will try not to appear with him (he just feels it will draw less attention to both of them, and attentoion to what they are doing is just what they don’t need).

  8. The Mood In The Streets:
    Saeth:10xp +10xp +10xp DM choice
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp
    Miklos: 10 xp +10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp
    Saeth: 720/4000
    Maruc: 635/1500
    Miklos: 555/2500
    Nicolai: 510/1200
    Feldard: 480/2200

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