Vorloi, Torenescu and Radu

Feldard greeted the Tribune with a grunt. “No luck yet in finding Skevlos. Saeth and I will be checking the docks shortly but I’d like another look at the tunnels first” He says it as a statement not a question. Then noting what the Tribune is doing, he’ll peer at the map as well. He points out the X’s he recognizes. “So we’re here, that’s the Rattlebone Inn. The guesthouse.. these other two.. one would be the goodwife’s house presumably and this last X.. would be where?”

The Tribune responds that they too have not been able to locate this Skevlos. “We have however confirmed the locations of these other X’s on the map.” Pointing to one of them, he says, “This here is a guest house within the Baron Vorloi’s Mansion, and here is the house of Zweis Radu.”

“Zweis Radu? This name is new. Who is he and how does he fit into this? So goodwife Thanato’s house isn’t marked on the map?” He strokes his beard pondering.

“Zweis is the son of Anton Radu, the head of the Radu family. It is most troubling. The tension between the families is threatening to tear the city apart. And this mystery is at the heart of it.”

“Radu. That’s a name I’ve been expecting. Hmm. I think we should pay them a visit. But I would recommend being accompanied by the guard. This is not likely to be a friendly meeting.”

“I have appreciated your help with this matter thus far, but I have to insist that you leave the investigation of the Radu’s and the Torenescu to us. This is a complicated political situation and best handled through official channels. Tensions are already high. This is not the time to encourage vigilantism.”

Upon hearing these words Miklos see’s that atempting to gain access to the Baron via the Tribune would prove fruitless. Still he might know where he is. “Is the Baron currently in the city, Tribune?”

“I spoke to him about this matter last night. He is most distressed.”

“I would like to discuss some theories we have formulated but I see you are a busy man and I’ll quiet understand if our insights are of no use to you.” Miklos calculated the implied insult that the Tribune would dismiss them without giving them ear. “We are relatively unkown in the city, we have the advantage of not being known, nor are our political creditials sullied by any possible bribery. We have proved to you that we are trustworthy and honest, and are opposed to whatever is going on here. Perhaps you could invest us with some special dispensation to investage this mystery on your behalf? Also Maruc here is a unimpeachable member of the Clergy, surely you could not accuse him of vigilantism?”

Ahh friend Miklos I’m sure the Tribune is far too busy than to worry about us running aroung using his name like a battering ram!” Maruc grinned at the young mage, “Not that you would of course.”

To the Tribune and Feldard he suggested, “But to me a permanent tunnel network would indicate an attempt to make a secret method of communication. You could safely pass secret messages and even arrange secret meetings. Secret meetings imply unlikely bedfellows. Unlikely bedfellows like traditionally antagonistic enemies? Now what would drive such individuals together? Money and Power, naturally. Who has the money and power in the city that these bedfellows might covert?”

“It doesn’t take a genius does it, eh?” Maruc sighed. Why are men so greedy? As if there isn’t enough suffering in the world.

“On the upside, however, if it truly is made up of elements of all three families, it can’t be but a weak faction of each–elsewise, why the secrecy? Who could oppose all the oligarchs united? It would be a lesser faction, seeking to… achieve their goals… through indirect methods.” Saeth shied away from saying kill the Duke openly, but that would be the primary goal, to unseat him and replace him with a ruler of the Veiled Society’s choosing.

This collection of would-be heroes was strange indeed, the Tribune thought to himself. Though he appreciated their good intentions, this Vorloi murder situation was putting him under tremendous pressure, and he had little time to indulge them. “As I have said, we have appreciated your aid thus far, but at this point this is a matter for the justice system to handle. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to return to my duties.”



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  1. A New Day:
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10 xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +10xp 1st Post
    Feldard: 10xp +5xp 2nd Post +10xp DM choice
    Saeth: 660/4000
    Maruc: 615/1500
    Miklos: 535/2500
    Nicolai: 495/1200
    Feldard: 450/2200

  2. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth watched the tribune as he strode away, then slowly turned to the others who’d gone delving. “It seems that we’ll need to be careful to keep our noses clean, and most of these leads are beyond our means. And we could do with some relaxation anyway, after the battle this morning. I recommend we pick up some sausages, then spend the afternoon loitering about the docks.”

    She stretched, readying herself to go. Then, suddenly, a worrying though struck her. “Oh, and can we keep an eye on what happens to the two Veils who yet breathe? If they are released… or even if they just send a message, I imagine we could be in for an unpleasant meeting. Nicholai, would you be up to that?” She didn’t like the man, but he certainly had as much to lose as any of them if a message got out. She glanced at Maruc, who was more shaken by the Veiled Society’s evils than the other companions. “Besides, that could give us another link to these villains.”

  3. “The two diggers we apprehended earlier are likely within the Ducal compound. I very much doubt they will be able to get a message out without help from the Ducal guard. And that is a combination that I do not think likely, given that they are accused of being complicit with the murder of a relative of one of the Duke’s chief allies.

    “The docks have been searched. The Vorloi are new here, only since the Duke took over, and have done more than well enough from him. I would think the Torenescu and Radu would have more to gain from this.

    “I’m drawn to the idea that, yes, in the long term the goal may be to remove the Duke, but who would gain? Would the Torenescu openly attack the Vorloi? I’m not sure. I think ot more likely they were set up. The ring I found was too obvious. It was there as I came through the trap door. If those two digging that pit hadn’t been ordered not to, wouldn’t they have taken it, or ransacked the place?

    “Gah! I’m supposed to be trying to go straight, not thinking like a paranoid old man in a bar!”

  4. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth shrugged inside. If he didn’t think he was up to keeping track of the two capitives, he could’ve just said so. As for her… she’d sleep lightly for the next few days, whatever confidence the others might have in the Duke’s gaolers.

    “Well, I don’t suppose having another pair of eyes dockside could hurt. Shall we be off?”

  5. “Those two diggers would seem to be small wheels in the big machine. I doubt they know anything more of value. But who do we need to talk to next. Torenescu or Radu.

    “And I certainly believe that the house of Zweis Radu would be worth investigating. Probably sooner rather than later. However, I think we should all go together. As I’m sure there will be problems at one or other residence.”

  6. Are you guys going to the docks, or to Zweis’s house, or to find a Torenescu house?

  7. I’m inclined towards Zweis’s house. Though I’d take the Torenescu’s as a second choice.

  8. Saeth Tegau

    I don’t think there’s a consensus. Saeth argues for going to the docks first, because it can be done innocuously, without flouting the Tribune’s instructions too grossly or conspicuously. Nicholai (probably correctly) surmises that visiting Zwies Radu will be more fruitful.

  9. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    “Well the Tribune’s lalready told us his men are looking for Skelvos – likely staking out the docks. And we’ve been told to keep from directly interferring in the investigation, which likely means keeping away from Zweis’ Radu as well.” He scratches his beard, “Why don’t we check out this Stephanos Torenescu fellow? The one whom Lucia insulted and is likely being framed for her death. Perhaps he can tell us more?”
    Feldard will ask around for where this Stephanos lives and if the others agree, he’ll head there

  10. Just found a much better map of Specularum. I’ve marked it up and uploaded to the maps section.

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