Further Investigation

tunnelmap.gifDamn, thought Nicolai. So she was a Vorloi. That meant, according to the hearsay floating around the Nest, that the Veiled Society could be Torenescu or Radu. Whatever way this pans out it is going to be nasty.

Miklos began to speak. He had to tell this man about the evidence he had found, but before he could get the words out, Nicolai stepped in front of him holding a small ring.

“Tribune, I found this in the cellar entrance above at the scene of the crime.”

“A powerful piece of evidence you have found there, young man! This ring bears the emblem of the Torenescu family. There has been some friction between the Torenescu and the Vorloi of late.”

Miklos waited Tribune Alexandros to finish, but before he could get a word in edgewise, Maruc took his turn to address the official.

“Her Father will weep for her Tribune Alexandros. Thank Halav this tunnel complex concealed no more foulness. I will speak a prayer for those who died in the cave in.” Maruc replied soberly.

“If there is any more aid I can…”

“Ahh Noble Tribune!” Miklos said cutting off the famously wordy cleric. “I have evidence that must be investigated in the house above and everything we uncover seems to sprout a multitude of questions–your aid and experience would be invaluable. Please follow my comrades and myself into the house above.” as Miklos lead the group into upper chamber he chattered on.

After learning the identity of the woman’s corpse, the guard had made their way to the woman’s house and were just entering from the street outside.

“Here look,” said the mage pointing to where he had found the bloody message written on the floor tiles.

“It’s fascinating. It seems that Lucia had tried to communicate with any who would follow. Come, come though here…see written in blood.”

Saeth felt great relief that the guard had managed to sort everything out without difficulty. Neverless, the humans seemed be be doing enough talking for all of them. As the Tribune examined the bloody floor and the rest of the house, she stood back and let them do their jobs, following their investigation and soaking in as much of the scene as she could.

Feldard listened as the humans fawned over the Tribune for attention. They truly were ever so helpful. He grimaced, again it seemed that the elf and he were of like mind – letting the humans do the talking. Well that just wouldn’t do

“I’d be interested in seeing more of these tunnels. Discovering all it’s entrances and exits might be of use in determining it’s purpose – smuggling, evasion, attack or other,” pointed out Feldard.

“I agree, ” replied Nicolai. “I have a feeling that we won’t find out what was really going on here, until we have the true source of these diggings explained”

The Tribune, finished with his cursory first look at the murder scene in the Vorloi foyer, addressed the crew of heroes. “If you’d like to accompany me on a tour of these tunnels, you are by all means welcome in return for your assistance in this matter.”

And so, the group spent the rest of the day joining the guard in a tour of the Veiled Society’s underground tunnel system. They made their way past the point where Miklos had explored. As they continued, a disgusting smell overcame them. The source was a pit in a small side passage. The pit held the refuse which was dumped in by a garbage chute from an inn above.

Continuing along, the smell of rotten food blended in with the smell of rotten flesh as they neared the tunnel collapse that had taken the lives of three slaves who’d worked the southern half of the tunnels.

Finally, they reached another cellar at the southern end of the tunnel network. Along the south wall was a large pile of dirt. Near the open tunnel mouth was a small wheelbarrow, loaded with shovels and picks. A mound of bloody bandages lie in the corner of the room. Wooden beams were piled neatly in the center of the room. A roll of parchment lies atop the beams. In the southeast corner a ladder led up to a trapdoor in the ceiling.



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13 responses to “Further Investigation

  1. Sorry for not having a map available right now. I’ll try to get it updated tomorrow. You should have enough to go by for now.

    Sorting It Out:
    Saeth: 10xp
    Maruc: 10xp +10xp 1st Post
    Miklos: 10xp +5xp 2nd Post
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp DM choice

    Saeth: 545/4000
    Maruc: 545/1500
    Miklos: 460/2500
    Nicolai: 355/1200
    Feldard: 315/2200

  2. Saeth Tegau

    You say parchment–is this parchment, like for writing, or just for some sort of insulation? If it looks like it might be written on:

    Saeth leaps to the top of the stack of beams, and unrolls the parchment, seeking some hint within about this scheme.


    “Odd that they didn’t continue digging once the tunnel came down here. “Feldard, with your subterrainean habits–” she shivered involuntarily “Do you have any observations?”

    She glanced upwards, toward the trapdoor. “This house doesn’t seem to use its cellar. Do we know who it belongs to? Speaking of, the frightened Madame of the first house we looked at, is she one of these… Vorloi?”

    Inside, Saeth rolled her eyes. The cities of the south, despite their radiant names, seemed to be every bit as dirty, corrupt, and evil as their Darokin counterparts.

  3. Feldard observes that the digging on this area seems the oldest and is probably where they began.

  4. Nicolai begs everyone be quiet, climbs the ladder to press his ear to the underside of the trapdoor and make out any sounds coming from above.

  5. There are no noises coming from above.

  6. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    In a whispered voice out of courtesy for Nicolia request, Feldard explained that this was the oldest part of the tunnel system. “This is likely where the tunnel system began” He looked to the Tribune. “We should see who lives above and question them.”

    Assuming that the Tribune is agreeable to the idea…
    With battle at hand in readiness at the base of the ladder, he nodded up towards Nicolai, and motioned for him to open the trap door.

  7. Updated the Maps section with maps of the city & the tunnel map.

  8. Miklos (Mu 1)

    After making a faithful copy of the marks left by Lucia, Miklos followed the others through the tunnel network again taking carefull note of the tunnels with a view to aligning it with the city above.

    As they investigate the final room Miklos approaches Saeth while she investigates the parchment just in case she is unable to decrypt any message therein.

    “Is there anything of note there Mistress Saeth? he enquired.

  9. Maruc (Clr 1)

    Maruc shook his head sadly as he looked at the bandages.

    How old is the blood on the banades is there any sign of puss indicating other infections? Are they still usable (after boiling naturally).

  10. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Questions regarding the tunnels kept coming to mind as he waited for Nicolai to open the trapdoor to the cellar. Why exit to these houses? What do Goodwife Thanato’s and this Lucia Vorlai have to do with those who reside above? Hmm.. perhaps it is not the women that are the intended contacts by there menfolk. Lucia’s father, Fortunato.. and the goodwife’s husband… Hmm. Feldard scratched his beard in thought still watching Nicolai up on the ladder. Battle axe ready in his other hand. And what of the refuse pit.. why keep that tunnel open? He made a mental note to check out the establishment above at a later time. But now he needed to focus on the task at hand.

  11. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    (by there = but their menfolk..)

  12. Nicolai inches the trap door open so that he can see the room above. If it appears to be empty, he will enter and draw his sword. If there are people there it would be a better idea if someone better armed went up first, and then Nicolai follows.

  13. The bandages – there’s no way to tell how old the blood is, other than that it is completely dried. No sign of puss or infection. The bandages will be taken as evidence by the guard.
    NOTE: I made a typo in a previous post. In the description of the dagger found on the scene, it should have read “A few strands of red hair are dried in the blood.”

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