Return to the Scene of the Crime

“Plenty of work?” Saeth considered the man’s offer with a smirk. “A sword worth buying, even a dagger worth buying–which I suspect may be more than what was wanted–would be foolish to sign up on such a vague contract.”

Maruc dropped the man. “There are methods that I am aware of that can loosen any tongue. I pity your short term future. You don’t have a long term one. Master dwarf, he’s all yours. I’m off to calm down, he’s not worth my time, you are right.”

Maruc didn’t like what this man had brought out in him. He’d never become this truly angry. He knew he was on the edge. If the man made one comment, one more snide remark he would seriously regret it.

Feldard glanced back towards the priest at his rant and snorted at the unaffected men. “Halavist, when you’ve had your fill of talking to these two sacks of wasted flesh, let me know so I can dump their corpses in the pit they were digging for the woman.”

He takes out a whet stone and begins taking the nicks out his blade from their last encounter with the Veiled Society. He grins over towards the bound men, “This stain here, is from your associates guarding the mining slaves further down the tunnel. You sure you wish to meet their same fate so soon?”

The man’s eyes widened at the sight of fresh blood on the dwarf’s axe. He did not want to die on this day, but he had no choice. Violations of the code of secrecy within the Veiled Society were dealt with most severely. Hopefully, the dwarf was bluffing. His instincts told him these were a group of do-gooders that would bring him to the authorities. Better to be sent to prison than to be labelled a snitch and wind up hacked to bits in some foresaken alley.

“You people don’t understand. If I betray the Society, I’m as good as dead anyway.” And with that, the man determined to stay silent.

Nicolai stood in the shadows behind the two men. “Personally, I doubt we’ll get much from these two. So I suggest we leave them here, or just bury them in the hole they were digging. Or, we could let the Iron Ring know where they are. I’m sure they could make use of a couple of fit men like these. Sounds quite fitting, murderers being sold to slavers.”

At the mention of the Iron Ring, the formerly hooded man raised his eyebrow, but he had resolved himself to his fate. He was not going to tell these people anything, no matter what they said or did.

Miklos was shocked, but looking into Nicolai’s eyes he realised his words lacked conviction. Miklos was more concerned with Maruc. He seemed quite upset with the situation. The young Mage put his arm around the shaking cleric. “Calm down old boy, he’s not worth your anger.”

“Come, let me take you up the rope ladder,” he guided the cleric toward the access. “We will see what has happened up there. We need to orient ourselves at street level any way.”

Miklos led the way up into the house ushering the cleric with him. They found themselves in the small room that Nicolai had previously visited. An open door led out into a kitchen. Near the trap door was a length of blood-stained hemp rope. Inside the kitchen, signs of violence — a dagger and bloodstains on the floor, broken dishes and furniture, a spilled wineskin and torn clothing.



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5 responses to “Return to the Scene of the Crime

  1. Sorry, can’t post the map in the map section until Monday. (file is on my work computer)

    The Interrogation Continues:
    Saeth: 10xp +10xp 1st Post
    Maruc: 10xp +5xp 2nd Post
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp
    Feldard: 10xp +10xp DM choice

    Saeth: 500/4000
    Maruc: 480/1500
    Miklos: 405/2500
    Nicolai: 320/1200
    Feldard: 245/2200

  2. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos took in the horrific sight. “It’s much as I expected I’m sorry you have to see this Maruc but there may be valuable clues here. Tunnels are time consuming to dig so there must be a reason why this house was chosen. Perhaps it is near some target of the Veiled society. It is also possible it is just another escape route in case their tunnels are raided by the authorities.”

    He studied the clothes and dagger and looked for fresh foot prints leading out of the house. he wanted to determin if the intruders had come in from the street or up through the trapdoor. If they had come in through the street there may be witnessess. It would do the cleric good to take his mind off the recent events and he was good with the public – he may find out much by talking to the neighbours.

    Miklos scanned the rooms trying to picture in his mind the events that lead to the womans death.

  3. Maruc (Clr 1)

    Maruc was numb, he felt strangely divorced from the situation. He followed the young mage up throught the trapdoor and took in the gory scene but it seemed to wash over him.

    “By the looks of it Miklos, she was a spirited girl and tried to fight off her attackers.” Maruc stalked around the room. “Either way this entrance maybe being watched. We may not have much time before these men are missed so I suspect the wisest decision would be to investigate the other unexplored tunnels while we have the luxury of surprise.”

    “But I find it confusing, these tunnels have been here a while. Surely the occupants of this house, and the goodwife’s, would have heard digging for many days? These houses are not big, nor do they have thick walls so surprisng he folk inside would be impossible which leads me to two conclusions; the dead woman was deaf or someone in the house was in colusion with the Veiled Society?”

    “I wonder if Feldard has extracted any more information from those two, I understand Dwarves are quiet ingenious with their traps perhaps they are as ingenious with their questioning? It would be a shame to slay these men, they know too much.” Maruc’s expression changed to wonder,” I’m of a mind to turn them over to the Great Duke Stefan. Halav reborn can judge them!”

    “Why was my mind so clouded! Come Miklos these fools will know fear at last!” Maruc raced back down the ladder.

    “Stay your hand Master Dwarf. I have had a revelation! We will seek the judgement of The Great Duke himself, surely these tidings are worthy of his personal attention? What say you my friends, mighty Halav has passed us this gift surely we should not spurn it?”

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    “By the looks of it Miklos, she was a spirited girl and tried to fight off her attackers.” Maruc stalked around the room.

    “Yes friend Maruc see these drag marks, the bloodstained dagger, even her hair here,” Miklos bend for a closer inpsection, “where she fought.”

    “Either way this entrance maybe being watched. We may not have much time before these men are missed so I suspect the wisest decision would be to investigate the other unexplored tunnels while we have the luxury of surprise.”

    “Again I agree, but many must the Veiled Society be if they have eyes watching every tunnel constantly. You paint a dark picture. Allow me a few more moments to formulate a picture of what happened here.”

    DM: Miklos will atempt to ascertain the events for the attack based on what he can see of the footprints drag marks etc I’d like to know where she was attacked ideally especially if it was not in the kitchen.

    Miklos continued working on his theories as the cleric carried on voicing his own train of thought.

    “…of a mind to turn them over to the Great Duke Stefan. Halav reborn can judge them!”

    Miklos picked up on the last bit the man’s unhinged he thought. Still he might have a point. It would be safer to turn these men over to the Duke. The Duke was known to be uncorrupt and they could let the dukes men expose the Veiled Society.

    “But Maruc, you said yourself we would lose the element of surprise if we delay to investigate futher? …Maruc?” His words were lost had Maruc had already decsended back down into the tunnels.

    Miklos followed him down.

  5. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    Feldard,in the meanwhile, had continued sharpening his blade until it held a nice razor sharp edge. “Death by them, death by me. I suppose your making the wiser decision. As I’m not one for making people suffer. It’ll be swift, I assure you. ”
    Finished, he strode towards the two with intent. “Elf, you may want to leave for this. I’ll catch up with you down the tunnel”
    He raised his axe prepared to make an end to this, when the priests shouting, delays him. “What now?” he grumbled.
    He listened to the priests grand plan and snorted and drags the man aside to talk quietly. “And what makes you think, the Duke will care or even believe us. Have we proof of their involvement? Other than a pair of hoods and their word, which I doubt they will be witless enough to speak in front of him. No death in kind is fair trade for what they have been involved with. They may not have killed her but they have no remorse over it!”

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