Flight Not Fight

Feldard took note of the size of the bundle with a grimace then looks to Nicolai for the newcomers reaction. He’d bet anything the humans were thinking how best to sneak up on the two. Seemed to be what humans are best at; he cast another glance at Nicolai; well some of them anyways. He snorted. Lurking and sneaking about certainly wasn’t the Dwarven way. Upfront and commanding was what was needed here. So with battle axe at the ready he began to stalk forward ,motioning the others of the party to back him.

Stepping into the open, he called out to the two in the cellar. “Cease your digging and drop all weapons! You are outnumbered.”
His party needed answers… so this time he’s going to try talking first. Not that he thought the slavers would actually talk.

Ach! I thought Dwarfs were the reserved type, thought Nicolai. Now he’s placed all our cards on the table. Oh Pytts we’ll have to back him up. Nicolai stepped forward with his sword drawn, moving to the left of Feldard.

I’m starting to see a pattern here Miklos thought to himself. Logically speaking whilst the men were otherwise engaged Nicolai could have sneaked into the room and provided a surprise or diversion to gain an advantage – but maybe such tactics aren’t necessary here, after all there are only two of them. Miklos held back allowing the more energectic folk of the party to engage the diggers. Looking at the situation the Sleep spell was of little use here.

I like this Dwarf!, thought Maruc. All action and no messing. He just hoped these guys would surrender before they are butchered. “We aren’t murderers!” he called hopefully to his comrades, following them in. “In the name of the Immortals put down your weapons, oh err, shovels!…. and explain yourselves. We are not cruel but we are not patient either.”

But the cleric’s word were unheard as the men immediately dropped their shovels and made a break for a rope ladder in the far corner of the room.



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6 responses to “Flight Not Fight

  1. A New Companion
    Maruc: 10xp
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp +5xp 2nd Post
    Feldard: 10xp + 10xp 1st Post +10xp DM choice (taking charge)

    Saeth: 400/4000
    Maruc: 375/1500
    Miklos: 320/2500
    Nicolai: 225/1200
    Feldard: 145/2200

  2. Great, they made a break for it, perhaps he should have moved round quietly, but it seemed more appropriate to make a stand here.

    Still, you can’t change the past.

    Nicolai runs forward and attempts to stop them climbing the ladder. Cutting the ladder, and/or cutting fingers to ankles as appropriate

    I hope the Dwarf comes and backs me up on this…

  3. Maruc (Clr 1)

    “By all the Immortals they don’t make it easy for us!” Maruc grumbled as he sprinted across the room avoiding the bundle on the ground and the hole. Fortunately a rope ladder is not the quickest thing to climb…

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos quckly assessed the situation as he watched their bid for freedom. Its a shame he hadn’t noticed the ladder in the first place, they had a good half a rooms lead on them. Nicolai was fast on his feet and would probably catch the second man as he climbed after but that would leave the other at the top – any sensible man with the morals of a sewer rat would cut the rope ladder whilest his companion delayed his capture. He would then be able to summon help this he realised the party could ill afford to contemplate.

    He had to delay them and this would be a perfect opportunity to question someone once they were tied up.

    Taking advantage of being able to see over the dwarf at the fleeing diggers as the group close the gap I release my sleep spell at the diggers to delay their escape and enable us to capture them and question them.

    DM: Miklos will only release the spell if he has a hope of catching them both with it.

    If they are close enough for the spell use this passage:

    Miklos silenced his thoughts as he summoned the calm required for the arcane ritual the greasy tang of source-magic filled the air as it began to warp and stretch almost imperseptably, only the most trained can percieve the arcane. Molding and controlling the warp he released the tendrils of the magic and it leapt with frightening speed toward the two men slowing their minds and legs making them buckle and stumble….

    “Tie them up!” I tell the group urgently.

    If they are not please use this passage:

    Realising that the two were too far away there was little Miklos could do save investigate the bundle in the middle of the floor…

  5. Feldard (Dwf 1)

    “By my beard! I will skin you two witless, lily-livered cretins for making me run!” Feldard roars as he charges after the two fleeing scoundrels.

    If his axe were smaller he might consider trying to throw it at their backs but like any good battle axe, it is of immense weight and size and not easily thrown over any distance. “Elf, don’t you have a bow or something you can use before they make good their escape?”

    Feldard is understandably slower than the others in his party and is the last to arrive at the rope ladder.

  6. Saeth Tegau

    “Elf, don’t you have a bow or something…”

    But Saeth was already in motion, drawing one dagger after another and launching them at the fleeing men, already breaking into a run. She tapped Miklos as she passed him. “Boy, grab that packet of theirs.”

    Reaching the bottom of the latter, she began scrambling up it after the diggers, on the heels of their newfound companion.

    This is probably more than one round of action. If Miklos succeeds at knocking them out, or it’s more than a post of action, please cut as needbe.

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