To The Cellar

Cellar Door
Saeth pauses eating to glance from the commotion to the priest–who she now knows to be a “Halavist”, whatever that meant. Her village had none of these silly interniscene conflicts! “I suppose you’re going to want to go see what’s troubling her cellar?”

“I suppose you’re going to want to go see what’s troubling her cellar?” Saeth said, her voice tinged with an what Maruc felt was an element of sarcasm. He smiled at her and turning back to the frantic woman.

“Calm yourself good woman. Come be seated here and be assured. There are no demons creeping here abouts for assuredly you would not be speaking to us now if there were. Indeed the immortals themselves would not allow it. I suspect there is a very simple answer to what disturbs you during the night. It, whatever it is, is unlikely to be the extremely rare occurance of Portaliture.” Maruc gave her his most reassuring smile.

“It takes a great deal of power and time to cause such events and they cause what is loosely known as a cosmic afterwash that would have been felt by every priest for fifty miles, and even a few talented magi no doubt. No, there is no portal for if there were we would already be slain or taken to the deepest pits from which none return. I will be glad to visit your house to put your mind at ease.”

Feldard had no hesitation as he gathered himself to make way to the woman’s house. This Maruc certainly is a long-winded fellow, he thought to himself. The dwarf had no idea of what the source of the lady’s hysteria could be, but it didn’t matter. He was ready to confront it.

Fighting demons for charity seemed like the height of poor judgement, the elf thought to herself. Fighting the savages in the Broken Lands was bad enough! The young swordswoman had no intention of having her saga end with a rhyme of “Saeth” and “Death”. Still, the heroes of lore did smite evil like this all the time. And driving a demon away from the village would seem to be the very sort of thing Bideven Broadleaf or Nansaidh the River Princess might do, with sharp blade and sharper tongue. And with this ‘retainer’ from the Torenescu’s artist, she supposed there wasn’t much else that needed doing.

“Well, you’ll need help with that, I imagine? At the very least, someone to carry your body home afterwards?” Seath put in.“I certainly hope not.” Maruc chuckled, “At least I seriously doubt meeting the denizens of the underworld. These creatures are wicked, cunning and highly intelligent if they chose to breakthough to this world, I doubt the first thing they would do is have a chat in someones cellar, will not at least with out ensuring there weren’t going to be overheard by judicious use of terminal area-effect magic. I’m sure Miklos would agree would you not?”

“Indeed I would, Maruc if I was applying human logic to the illogical and chaotic world of demonology. But considering the situation,” Miklos said glancing over to Seath who was preparing herself to leave, “if there are people there, they may not be there for long.”

Miklos stood up and picking up his travel bag turned back to Maruc. “I have prepared myself already with certain meditations, doubtless we are all well equiped to deal with any ‘natural’ problems.”

“If we are to resolve this lady’s problems quickly then we must leave with haste. After you Maruc.” Miklos gestured toward the door. “The lady can direct us.”

“Yes, enough talk. Let’s see what this matter is.” said the impatient dwarf, already standing by the door.

* * * * *

Nicolai awoke with a start, an old woman shouting about demons in her cellar. He doubted that were true, more likely some underground meeting room for some grouping or other that liked to keep in the shadows.

The travellers he had spent the previous day following were prepared to go down and have a look. As he thought about following them down, he realized that no one here knew him or his past misdemeanours. A clean slate. A chance to build a decent reputation. If nothing else this would make his life somewhat easier than back on Fogor Isle, but would it also make him a target for those with more nefarious ideas.

He quickly packs his belongings, and follows them down, trying to keep to the shadows. A feeling that it might be a good idea to watch the backs of these travellers was at the forefront of his mind.

* * * * *

The old woman leads the group to a house a short distance away from the inn. “In my root cellar, I can hear it moving about… Sometimes during the day, but mostly at night. Things get moved. Food is missing! Just minutes ago was the worst! I could hear voices. They called to me!” she says as she walks hurriedly. She directs the group past the entrance and to a trap door in the back of her kitchen, beside the brink and plaster oven.

“The cellar is down there.” she says, shaking with fear. It is clear that she wants to leave the house and return to the inn.



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9 responses to “To The Cellar

  1. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth sighed as she looked at the pitch black maw of the cellar. Demon or not, there would be no room down there to swing a blade, and that would be most discomfiting.

    She glanced at the two humans. They might not notice the cramped fighting areas, but the darkness would be a further fear for them. The dwarf, of course, would be quite used to living in grimy holes in the ground.

    At the very least, there was nothing in the hole now, whatever had scared the woman earlier.

    “Somebody’ll have to find the courage to step in, I suppose”, she intoned with a bravado borne of certainty. “I imagine we may have questions for the lady of the house–if nothing eats us first.” A bell-like laugh interposed before her next sentance, quite at odds with her cyclopedian countennance. “Perhaps one of you could stay with her, for her comfort?”

    Hands resting near her daggers, Saeth strode down into the dark.


    Feldard, not to be outdone by an elf, boasted, “I fear no beast or foe!” and stepped after, leaving the two Karameikoi flanking the poor homeowner.

    Player’s note: This does rely on some information that I didn’t confirm. Do I have the option of editing if I am mistaken?

  2. Maruc (Clr 1)

    Appriasing the situation Maruc glanced around the kitchin area until he located what he was looking for, a lantern. While the others decended into the darkness of the cellar. Naturally not being used to non humans he didn’t take into account their infravision, just as they hadn’t taken into account the lack of nightvision in humans.

    Would you mind holding this,” Maruc offered the lantern up to Miklos, “as I may need both hands.”

    The cellar must have been empty, he couldn’t here anything else to suggest otherwise. Then a thought occured to him; Wasn’t Seath was the first to make comment as to the wisdom of jumping into unknown cellars? Oh well. As Maruc prepared himself to descend he trid to wrack his memory for something appropriate to say at their funeral in the even of the worst. He’d never have to make readings for non humans but he was glad he had his ceremonial robes with him, just in case. It showed an utter lack of respect otherwise.

    As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he thought he’d add a cheery, whispered comment. “Not that I’m suggesting that we are dealing with the supernatural but you do realise some creatures have the ability not to be seen by mortal eyes?”

    He caught Feldards glance and decided the ‘glass-half-full-optimistic’ approach was better. “But I guess you would have found that out by now, so no problem.” Maruc gave him a winning smile.

    “Also,” Maruc continued in his low voice, “I think it would be wise to try to keep our voices down as we do not wish to give advanced notice to whoever was just here.” Then he realised he was in the presence of combat veterans and thought better of it than to teach them their job.

    Maruc studied the room for a few moments it reminded him of the food cellars at his cloister. There was also a priest hole – a secret and well hidden room that was behind a swinging shelving unit. The priesthood used to use it to hide cult activists from the local authorities.

    “Perhaps there is a concealed exit from this room? It would seem logical.” This is more Feldards field of expertise so Maruc allowed him his moment to shine.

  3. Maruc (Clr 1)

    Note to DM:
    You have to edit otherwise it won’t read correctly – its quiet tough as we are trying to react to each others comments in a logical manner so we are all assuming some reaction by others in our comments. But I try to keep the reactions facial expression or character assumptions of what people are thinking.

    PS: I think this is going very well, I’m really enjoying the characterisation. (I particularly enjoy Saeths comments and I’m looking forward to reacting to Nicolai when he appears behind us!)

  4. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos accepted the lantern and lit it.

    “If you don’t mind Maruc, I would like to decend next.” He hoped it sounded brave, but his machismo was somewhat damaged as he missed the first step of the stairs and almosted pitched himself into the inky darkness of the cellar below. He stifled a curse as he righted himself and proceeded with more caution.

    The second reason for going next was more to do with self preservation. The last thing he wanted was to be stabbed in the back in a tight tunnel, he didn’t wear armour and he much rather be surrounded by friends who did. At the bottom of the stairs he held up the lantern and peered arround the room, then he moved out of the way to allow Maruc space.

    “We must be prepared for any situation. I have certain arcane knowledge that allows me to force creatures into a natural sleep.” Miklos followed Marucs’ advice as kept his voice to a horse whisper. ” If I am lucky or the creatures are small I may be able to affect many, but do not count on it. The sleep is natural, although induced magically, so they may be woken easily. I suggest if we are dealing with evil villans we knock them unconsious whilest they slumber and bind them and take them to the authorities for judgement.”

    “What have you discovered? Is there candle wax on the floor? Fresh footprints? Let me see.” Miklos cast around with the light.

    (DM: Miklos will only search if it is safe to do so)

  5. Miklos (Mu 1)

    DM: I am assuming a member of the barstaff followed us with the woman and is looking after her.

  6. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth certainly didn’t think of it on her way down, but if the offenders had a heat source with them, might she see the remnants of it before the burning lantern makes it downstairs? Either way, the elf will look for secret doors or exits along with the search for clues, once they get down.

  7. Also, feel free to include Feldard in your posts. It appears that Grimcleaver is not coming back unfortunately.

  8. Morning at the Inn:
    Saeth: 10xp + 10xp 1st Post
    Maruc: 10xp +5xp 2nd Post +10xp DM Choice (liked the way you incorporated Saeth’s post into your own)
    Miklos: 10xp
    Nicolai: 10xp

    Saeth: 190/4000
    Maruc: 195/1500
    Miklos: 130/2500
    Nicolai: 120/1200

  9. I like the way Saeth posted actions in italics. If you want to post actions for your character or other out-of-narrative stuff, putting it in italics like that is perfect.

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