An Opportunity


Carefully lifting the four cups brimming with ale, Saeth made her way back toward the table, where the dwarf, his friend, and the unfortunate youth were already talking. A pity, the boy had ended up in the seat across from her, too far to kick if he opened his mouth. Distributing the mugs, she waited for a pause in the conversation, then announced to nobody in particular, “I’m Saeth Tegau of Callarii, free sword and free spirit.” She failed to notice how pompous it sounded, certain of its poeticism. She looked at the priest. “If you could scoot in a bit, that I could slide back to my seat?”

Maruc stands allowing Saeth to sit herself as she wishes. “It would be my pleasure to move for you, Miss.”

“A free sword and a free spirit?” The dwarf said gladly taking the cup and upending it “If y’ask me wielding a weapon with anything but a serious heart and stern sureness of spirit is an insult to the craftsman! You elves with your pretty dancing…” he pauses to let out a warrior’s burp “…with your pretty dancing wouldn’t last a lick in a battle with a real dwarven warmaster! Heh!” He leans forward and leans a hand on his knee. See what the elf woman would say to that!

Skirting neatly over the dwarf’s obviously agressive nature toward the elf, Maruc, ever the peacemaker it seems, would have his work cut out for himself mediating between these two if Saeth chose to rise to his comments. He effected a broad grin and chuckled, “The infamous Dwarven diplomacy at its finest! I congratulate you both, Seath for her elven calm and superior repose, and Feldard for his robust stoisism. Indeed I am humbled by so mighty -a-gathering. Its a pleasure to meet you Mistress Saeth Tegau of Callarii. A fortunate man would I be to have such excellent travelling companions.”

“Certainly, any true dwarven warmaster would cut down elves like felling saplings. Fortunately…” Suddenly, seeing the priest looking about drove his words home.

“Thank you most kindly for the ale, however my vows from my cloister do no allow me the consumption of alcohol. If it will not cause offence I will gift this ale to a passer by?”

“You don’t drink ale? Being a holy man must be thirsty business! Can I grab you a glass of port, then?” In her surprise at the man’s odd habit, Saeth completely forgot to finish noting that dwarven warmasters were somewhat rarer than treeclimbing moose.

Maruc turns to look around for some deserving person to take his ale, he notices a Thyatian man approaching the table. The group’s conversation stops when they hear a loud tipsy voice directed at them.

“Hey you there! Want some work? I need strong bodies. Theosius is my name. You look brave. Do you want to earn money?”



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7 responses to “An Opportunity

  1. Note to mah9 – Don’t worry, I’ll have something specifically for Nicolai coming up.

  2. Sorry I haven’t been updating you guys on the xp awards. As stated in the rules, you get 10xp per comments post, 10xp for the 1st to respond, 5xp for the 2nd, and 10xp DM award. These are in addition to regular xp awards for accomplishing things in the game.

    I’ve calculated the xp up to this point (see below). In the future, I’ll update after every DM blog post:

    Saeth: 95/4000
    Feldard: 85/2200
    Maruc: 95/1500
    Miklos: 60/2500
    Nicolai: 70/1200

  3. “Hey you there! Want some work? I need strong bodies. Theosius is my name. You look brave. Do you want to earn money?”

    At these words, Nicolai almost turns round from his beer, but relaxes and stares even more intently at the table. But he is now solely concentrating on the converstion behind him.

  4. Saeth Tegau

    Saeth bristled. This was not how you went about hiring men-at-arms. You didn’t do it loudly, you didn’t do it publicly, and by all the immortals, you did not do it drunkenly!

    She glanced left at the dwarf Feldard, then right toward the priest. Neither seemed to realize how gauche this was. And the youth wasn’t the only one who would be facing an empty pouch soon…

    “You know how this works. You want to hire a man, you put your money on the table, and make your plea.”
    No, that wasn’t how it was supposed to work at all. In more refined parts, he’d be stabbed even for thinking about it. But if the boy across from her had half a head, he’d nick a few coins as the table rejected him roundly. The balding fellow looked drunk enough that he probably wouldn’t notice.

  5. Maruc (Clr 1)

    Maruc glanced at Saeth she must be making assumptions about the nature of the work this chap wants, how can she tell? Or is all of her type of work, that type of work? Maruc wondered whether it would be such a wise idea to go long with someone like this elf. But Elves live a long time and there is no telling exactly how old she is. Or how much experience she has of the world. Maybe life is much cheaper beyond the confinds of the cloister. But I fear she has placed herself in the position that everyone will make the same assumption as myself – namely that she is some sort of assassin or thief.

    It was also brash to assume that because someone needs to be ‘brave’ or ‘strong’ does not immediately mean that the job is in anyway underhanded and therefore require secrecy. In fact it very much denotes the opposite.

    Before we make any decision we must first be aware of all the facts.

    “Master Theosuis, please be seated. Have an ale.” I offer him the ale.

    “Please forgive Mistress Saeth’s somewhat forthright manner. Not only are we new to the city we are new to each others company. So we ask for your forbearance and understanding. I have two questions.” Maruc continued.

    “Firstly, I know not what significance the green liveried men have within the city. Do you perchance know of these men and what loyalties they hold?”

    “Secondly, what are the details of the service you require of us? Will you cover remuneration, out of pocket expenses and guarantee there is nothing in the task that requires me to go beyond the teachings of the church?”

    Maruc turns to his comrades, “Otherwise, I for one am available to help folk in need.”

  6. Miklos (Mu 1)

    Miklos sat gazing at his partially sipped pint.

    He wondered if opening his mouth while these obviously more worldly individuals negotiated some sort of business contract. He felt he’d missed out on the business side of his family’s dealings and wasn’t at all confident at broaching his own thoughts on striking deals. Everything had happen so quickly this morning he felt out of his depth. He’d mastered the finer intricacies of nature of the arcane and come from one of the most foresighted families in the country, yet it had prepared him very little for a situation such as this, this market trading.

    He needed to learn about this and he was a very capable learner according to his old Master, but as his Master said, “’Tis better to be thought a fool than to speak and put it beyond doubt.” So he’d kept quiet and observant.

    He looked around the table, Feldard and Saeth where both so far beyond his experience it was impossible to evaluate them from a human perspective. They were strange and alien to human culture, no matter how integrated into human society demi-humans became – they where always a race apart. The Halavist was almost as much a mystery, but at least he was trying to hold some kind of sanity over the group, but Halavists are not renown for their sanity and he wondered what agenda drove the cleric on. It might be worth researching it for his own safety. What had driven this strange group together? Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was the Immortals? Not the Miklos trusted the Immortals, he trusted in knowledge written in ancient books and proven theories that worked. He did not rely on luck, or hope.

    But part of the reason that he hadn’t just drained his pint and walked away was his strange fascination with co-incidence, and his somewhat morbid drive to see things that he started through to its conclusion. Now there was this open proposition of work. Coincidence again?

    Miklos continued to sit in silence as the newcomer explained himself further…

  7. Saeth Tegau

    The elf fought the urge to bury her head in her hands. “Not only are we new to the city we are new to each others company.”? What was he thinking? That’d cut their value as a company in half, at least! There was never a benefit to showing your weaknesses to a potential patron. She sipped her ale to hide her distaste.

    Of course, if the priest was naive enough to think that helping anyone in need would get him anywhere but bloody, she supposed it didn’t matter. At least he had the good sense to ask what the task was before he volunteered. She leaned back and tried to keep a straight face as the drunk sat down.

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