Character Sheets finished

I’ve completed character sheets for all 5 characters now. Take a look at them and see if there’s anything you’d like adjusted or if you have any questions. We should be starting the game soon, but there’s still time to submit one more character to join the party.




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  1. Matt

    Ok so we need more muscle….
    Allow me to introduce the sorry tale of:

    Ninieal – Daughter of Helphor

    Class: Fighter/Magic-User
    Race: Elven
    Hair: Hazel
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 5’2”
    Age: 58
    Weight: 8st 4lbs

    The brush crashed about dangerously close behind her as she sped on. Her footfall light and quick, her dexterity enabling her to avoid most of the low lying thorns as she raced ahead of the beast. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her head was throbbing with the blood pressure, but she knew it was death to stop.

    Breaking out into an open glade beyond the great hedge she lengthened her stride and risked a backward glance. It was huge, the powerful grizzly loped across the glade closing the gap with its easy gait. It still had the remains of her sisters blooded dress danging from its gaping maw and sported the three arrows that Ninieal had embedded into its great hide close to its ugly iron collar.

    It didn’t seem weakened by them.

    Her fathers elegant paired elven longsword and shortsword hung comfortably at her sides as she turned her attention back to the run. She considered a stand in the open, envisioning herself ramming them home in vengeance for her slaughtered family, but she knew what the outcome would be. No time to rely on elven witch-magic, the only chance would be to make it to the trees and use her longbow.

    She was starting to curse the choice of the chainmail hauberk but it was way too late now. Almost at the tree line, her tired legs screamed in agony she lightly ducked through the holly and thick rhododendron bushes threading her way toward the ‘Devils Throat’. It was a deep gorge some two hundred feet away concealed by the thick brush. Ninieal hoped the bear was so enraged that it was beyond caution and chase her anywhere.

    Running on pure adrenaline she broke through the overhanging brush and almost cast herself over the edge. Relying on her natural dexterity she snatched her arm out at a branch. She pivoted herself, joints screaming, over the chasm and back onto the ledge. A huge shape bust through after her a fraction of a second later a barreled into the Devils Throat.

    She didn’t look down, but pulled herself back up through the brush. After wandering for a few minutes she seated herself by the bough of a thick yew tree. She dabbed at the scratches and bruises she’d collected during her flight. Only now did she start to dwell on the attack. The great war-bear chained up by its goblin masters, who goaded it cruelly with their spears. Her father, surprised in the orchard beyond the great hedge was captured and chained. Her sister also in the meadow ran for her life and Ninieal saw the bear loosed to the sickening cries of the goblins. Her sister didn’t make it beyond the edge of the great hedge.

    Her fate was mercifully concealed from Ninieal.

    Knowing she had little time Ninieal raced back toward the house, burst through the door a scrabbled frantically at the lock of her fathers war-chest. Giving up she scanned about for the stonemasons pick. Valuable seconds ticked by until she located it next to the coal shed. Diving back into the house the pick made short work of the simple lock. Throwing open the lid she pulled out the chainmail and grabbed the scabbarded belt.

    No, padded hauberk first, chainmail, then weapons belt. She’d seen her father do this before. No time to belt up the hauberk she squirmed her way into the heavy chainmail. Its just like a big tunic, she told herself. A few swift jumps and it sat neatly over the hauberk. The belt next and then the two swords. Grabbing her elven witch-book and witch-spell components and some elf-bread, time was pressing so she yanked the hunting quiver from the hook next to the door and her fathers prize longbow. Smoothly pulling an arrow from the hip-slung quiver and notching it she drew two long calming breaths then a muscular goblin darked the doorway.

    Its expression changed as its eyes adjusted to the gloom and seeing an armed elven warrior it ducked back out of the way. Ninieal took her chance and launched herself out of the doorway, followed by the curses of the slower iron-shod goblin. The huge war-bear looked up with with its bloodied jaw and claws, but it returned to the corpse of her sister. Ninieal, sickened, launched two arrows at. She realised her mistake as it now turned its attention on her. She fired a third and missed wildly but the fourth hammered home.

    They didn’t even slow it down. She ran.


    Rustling in the undergrowth close by brought fear and adrenaline back into her heart. She quietly rose pulling the two swords from their scabbards. She backed quietly around the yew tree and fought to slow her hammering heartbeat.

    The huge goblin was sniffing the air and snuffling about the area. It was trying to be quiet but Ninieal smiled at its rude attempt. It crept past her without noticing and Ninieal sprung at its exposed back. Her elven longsword drew a black line of pain across its back. It spun around thrusting its dagger with surprising power into her arm and she cried with shock. They circled breathing heavily. A burst of cleaving slashes, thrusts and parries achieved little from either opponent and for several minutes they stood off. Then a mistake and an opening, a lucky jab and black blood sprouted from the goblins chest. The goblin sighed and collapsed.

    Ninieal placed her foot on the body and yanked out the shortsword. She ransacked the corpse for valuables then dragged it to the Devils Throat and cast it in.

    She made her way down to the stream at the bottom of the gorge and filled her waterskin. Washing her knife-wound she bound it with a strip of cloth. She could hear the noise of more goblins up on the ledge far above. They’d soon be following her down so she had no choice, she had to continue down to the lowlands and the human habitation of the Duchy of Karameikos hoping that they wouldn’t follow….

    …. after many long days of walking she found herself at the imposing walls of a great human citadel this was Specularum. The ripe smells of open sewerage, foreign spices and woodsmoke filled her nostrils and brought water to her eyes. She needed money and there was money to be made within, she might be lucky and find someone friendly…

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