Experience Point Awards

Got a very good player suggestion in my email about experience point awards (thanks Matt!)

Based on his suggestion, I’ve come up with an xp point award system for the characters.

Posting a comment: 10 xp (per DM blog entry)
1st post: 10 xp
2nd post: 5 xp
DM’s choice: 10 xp

So, basically, making a comment post gets the character 10 xp, just like that. And they get rewarded for the 1st 2 comments added to the DM’s blog post. And, I’ll choose one comment to give an additional 10 xp to that character. Additionally, experience points will be given out for much more than combat. In fact, I’m planning on the 1st adventure being combat-light. Ultimately, the most XP will be awarded for advancing the story, whether through killing stuff, solving puzzles, interacting with NPC’s or whatever the case may be.


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One response to “Experience Point Awards

  1. Matt

    Its an interesting thought but consider that you need on average 2000 xp to get to 1st level the odd xp here & there won’t make much difference – however by doing this you also are providing an arena for potential antagonism amongst the group (not that we are like that I hasten to add!) I think if people wish to engage in group back-patting and hugging we could use an /ooc (out of character) method and leave it up to the DM to award all the xp. I think we should trust the DM to make the appropriate decisions reference character progression.

    There is nothing stopping us from sending private support for a good quality player post ….

    I think that would be nice!

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