Controlling Characters

You guys have done a great job of creating characters (still looking for one more by the way). Originally, I envisioned the characters in the game being controlled by the group as a whole, with any reader making posts as any character. However, this doesn’t seem fair to those who went to the trouble of authoring the characters. But, I still like the idea of a new reader coming across the site and being able to participate.

So, I’ve decided that the players who created the characters will be the primary players of their characters. As long as the player posts in a timely fashion within a day or 2 of the DM blog post, their comment post will be the one that counts for that character, and other posts will be ignored. If the game gets stuck always waiting for players to post though, then I will open it up more for others to participate.

For example, let’s say that Nicolai is off on his own doing a spy mission. All the other characters are waiting to see the outcome. But, Mark, his creator, had to leave suddenly on a business trip. Anyway, after 2 days of no action, others can make posts for the character, and the action resumes. When Mark returns, he resumes control and other commenter’s posts for Nicolai are ignored.

Does this make sense? Is it fair? I’m open for suggestions.

If any of you want to share your characters among some of your friends. Then I could make it so that there is more than one primary player for a character. Just let me know.


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