Character Sheets

I’ve put together 3 of the character record sheets, which are below and will be stored/updated in the characters page. As I’ve stated, this will be a rules-light game, but take a look at the record sheets to familiarize yourself with the strengths, weaknesses and abilities of the characters. I’ve chosen the ability scores, skills, etc. based on what I thought would be appropriate based upon the character submission. If you see anything you’d like to be adjusted, let me know. Also, I changed the name of Nicos to Nicolai, so that it didn’t sound too much like Miklos, the name of the first character submission. Hope that’s ok!

So far, we’ve got 5 characters, and I’d like to get one more fighter-type character in the mix. Maybe an elf? Up to you guys…




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3 responses to “Character Sheets

  1. mah9

    What is to be the common language of the group? It appears to by Traladaran from the descriptions above, but why is a Burhrodar in Karameikos (given that it is a Rockhome clan seperate from the clan in Highforge). And how would a Rockhome dwarf have learned Traladaran? I can understand Thyatian as a trading language.

  2. For simplicity, the common language is still common. Traladaran is a language on its own.

    It’s possible that there could be a more substantial reason for Feldard to be sent away than just overzealousness in battle (probably a common dwarf trait, especially in the Buhrodar clan). Perhaps, he was sent on a mission of some sort. Those are always fun. How about he was sent to recover a dwarven artifact of some kind?

  3. Robert Blank (Grimcleaver)

    First of all can I just say–what awesome pics you got! Feldard looks just about perfect.

    I wouldn’t mind at all getting more into the reasoning behind Feldard being set off. I can’t imagine it being an urgent mission since he’s hardly qualified to be sent out to do great service for his clan. I like the idea also that he’s not be sent because he’s so great–but rather that because he’s not. Possibly he’s been sent to tag along with some NPC mentor, or given some kind of “mission” that he’s told is of urgent importance but is mostly for his learning. Somewhat better I think would be that something big is going on that would cost his clan greatly were he to bungle it with his big mouth, so they’ve sent him off to keep him out of their way for a while. Further it might be a minor punishment, a temporary exile imposed by some offended lord with him having to prove himself worthy to return.

    It is tough to integrate Rockhome characters because the society is so insular, but these are some rough ideas I’d be happy to work to develop.

    Drop me an e-mail.

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