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I’m looking for character names and descriptions. Characters should be 1st Level. Provide the character’s name, race, class, gender, and, description, most importantly, background & personality. I’m especially looking for an interesting backstory and unique personality, so keep that in mind. The campaign will be taking place in Mystara, which is an old TSR game setting. Most people aren’t too familiar with it, so I recommend using this tool to help you come up with Mystaran characters.

Submit your characters in either the comments section below, or send an email to mystara_dm@yahoo.com. Once we have some good submissions, I’ll work with you guys on fleshing out the characters we like the best, and then we can get started.

Below is an example that I copied from the Mystara message board:

Decius Arrenius
Male Human Fighter

Description: Decius is of average height for a Thyatian- 5’ 11”- with a lean build. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and goes clean shaven. When on a mission, he wears his armor and full helm, and a purple tabard with red trim.

Background: Decius was born in 972, to a wealthy Kerendan family in the Empire of Thyatis. Coming from a strong religious tradition, Decius forswore his inheritance and took vows with the Church of Thyatis when he was 15. Rather than follow the devout teachings of the clergy, however, he chose instead to follow the more militant traditions of the paladin. In this stead, he embarked upon holy endeavors across the mainland of Thyatis.

Personality: Decius is a dedicated man, almost to the point of obsession. He firmly believes he is doing the good work of the Immortals in bringing the tenets of the Church of Thyatis to Karameikos. Even as he combats the evils of the land- undead, lycanthropes, and the like- he tries to combat the superstitious beliefs of the Traladaran people, lauding the Immortal patrons of the Church of Thyatis in their stead.


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  1. eldersphinx

    Looks interesting. Here’s a character concept for a game starting in or near Karameikos.

    Miklos Dostevar
    Male Magic-User

    Background: Miklos’s family has had its ups and downs. Before the coming of the Thyatians, the Dostevars were minor Traladaran nobility and landholders, allied with the Radu clan of old Specularum, and joined that clan in its decline after the coronation of Duke Stefan. Most of the family presently lives in genteel poverty, and are driven mainly by resentment of the crown. Some are believed to have rebel sympathies.

    The one exception to this decline was Miklos’s father, Ilya Dostevar. Always the black sheep of the family, Ilya took advantage of the Thyatian upheaval to break all ties with his kin, allying himself instead with the Vorloi merchant family. Through hard work and natural talent, Ilya became a prosperous and wealthy merchant in his own right, and his children as a result had access to opportunities that many of their countrymen could not afford. In Miklos’s case, this was a chance to receive tutoring in scholarship, and eventually magecraft when Miklos displayed a talent for that Art.

    Miklos’s master, Nerissa Acrision, proved to be a capable though demanding teacher, and quickly developed Miklos’s skill in the use of arcane magic. She also provided him with some social contact with the other members of Specularum’s fledgling Mages’ Guild, providing Miklos with a view on the world beyond the coin-counting ways of his father and family. Nerissa firmly believes, though, that magic is properly practiced only for its own sake, and almost instinctively rejects any notion of using it as a tool in more worldly endeavours.

    At present, Miklos has recently been Sheared, in accordance with Traladaran tradition, and is looking towards a year of living on his own without support from family or the Guild. He isn’t entirely sure of what he’ll do or how he’ll prosper, but is willing to face the challenge.

    Description: Miklos is young, dusky-skinned, and somewhat skinny and scrawny, at 5’7″ but weighing only 150 lbs. His reddish-brown hair is naturally curly and strongly disheveled; he tries to go clean-shaven, but when caught up in study often forgets to groom himself for days at a time. He dresses simply, in tunic or robes of browns, greys or dark green, with little thought to color coordination except when prompted to do so.

    Personality: Miklos is young, studious, and uncertain but fairly happy-go-lucky. His attitude is more or less a product of a fairly sheltered upbringing – he’s optimistic and good-natured mostly because he’s never truly faced serious hardship or deliberate cruelty. He rarely gives serious thought to prior planning or preparation for a task or social engagement, preferring to improvise as best he can; to be fair, his ‘best’ is often quite good.

    Potential RP Hooks: Miklos is probably going to have to choose, eventually, whether to follow his father’s vision of becoming a wealthy merchant prince, his mentor’s vision of studying and using magic for its own sake, or something in between. He’s also sort of at a cusp in the whole “Traladaran/Thyatian” culture clash, and might find himself having to take sides if that ever comes to a head.

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