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First Things First

So, before we can get started with this game, we need 2 things: readers and characters. I’m going to recruit players to submit character ideas via the comments section or email. Details to follow…


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What is Play-By-Comment?

I’m trying something new. At least, I think it’s new. I’ve seen Play-By-Email, Play-By-Wiki and even Play-By-Blog. This is something different. I’m calling it Play-By-Comment.

How does Play-By-Comment work?

As DM, I will make a post that describes the environment and what is happening. Then, you, the reader, will post as one of the characters in the comments below the blogpost. Each character is played by the player who created it. If a player is absent, another player will be selected to take over the character, or the character will be shared by the group. If you’d like to inquire about joining the game, send me an email at

Why Play-By-Comment?

As a DM, I’ve tried play-by-email, and found it to be too slow, and inevitably, players would leave over time and before long, the game would get derailed. I’ve considered doing chat-based, IRC-based, and using online table top software like Screenmonkey, but I don’t have enough time and my schedule is too erratic to commit to a weekly game. And multiplayer games like Everquest, D&D Online, Neverwinter Nights, etc. just don’t feel right to me.

What I really want is to run a game at my own pace, whenever I have time. But, it’s too much to expect of players to always bend to my schedule. Then it hit me. I should start a blog, and let the readers of the site run the players collectively. If I get enough readers to comment on a regular basis, the game should move along nicely, and be fun for everybody.

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